Friday, July 6, 2018

The last day of term.

Talofa lava blogger
Today is the last day of term two .So today we went to the flying fox's park .It was a fun adventure to go to the park.Also when i was there i enjoyed playing in the bush with my friend I enjoyed lt a lots. Also heres a  here is a video of some one going on the flying fox's by the way it is my friend Sariah.

Have you ever been to keth hay park? let me know.
bye see you next time.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

There's a boy in the girls bathroom

Ciao world,
This term in reading we were reading a book called there's a boy in the girls bathroom. Miss Berry(teacher) said that we should make There’s a boy in the girls bathroom slides questions so we did. Here is our slide feel free to take a look.
I am proud of my work because it was interesting.
hope you enjoy my quiz.Have you ever read theirs a boy in the girls bathroom?
See you next time bye.

Monday, July 2, 2018

All About Me

Talofa lava Bloggers.
Today i will be sharing my friends and family and what they mean to me.First i am going to talk about friends .My friends are also part of my family because they always help me and care for me so there the best i could ever ask for no one can replace Fehi, Sariah or Yazmine.
here is some photo of them:

Now i am going to talk about my family. My family is wonderful there are so many words to describe but for now. I want to say that there loving and caring here a photo of  some of my family .

If you have any question you can comment also do you have a best friend? and who are they?
See you next time I post.

My Aboriginal Inspired Art

Malo e lelei
Today i will be sharing my learning from week 9. On week 9 it was culture week our class was studying Australia. We also panted a canvas.
Here's a evaluation I did feel free to have a look:


Feel free to comment on my work and if there is something i should work on please tell me.

Blog you later.`

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Marea trip

Talofa lava blogger
Today the whole School went on a trip we went there on a big bus.The trip was at linfield college School we had to walk through the entrance. When we were walking we had to stop then we were waiting for them to start.When they started the doors open and they were singing  a Moari song as they were singing we move forward slowly.Then they finish singing so we walk up the steps we had to take our shoes of to enter the Marea. We all sat down some adult were sitting in the front all boys were at the front then girls were at the back.Some students from linfeld college were singing and dancing then it was our school time to sing so we sang i cant remember what we sang but they said we sang good. It was time for brain food break after brain food break we did lots of actives then we walk to the bus well we were walking back to the bus we all said bye and thank you also we gave them a tree they can plant and grow. Also heres a gogle drawing i did hpe you enjoy.

Bye Bloggers Blog you later

Friday, May 25, 2018


Talofa lava blogger

In class we were reading a book called there's a boy in the girls bathroom by Louis Sachar.
One of the activities we had to do is create a invitation for one of the charters
 called Colleen it was her birthday and she wants to invite Jeff so we had to make her invitation. Have a look at the one i made.

Image result for there a boy in the girls bathroomI found this  activities  fun and interesting and fun also i am enjoying the story i cant wait to figure out what happens next in the story. see you next post if you have read the book comment    see you next time if you have any question  comment.

SLJ Day three

Welcome Bloggers
Today i am going to tell you three safety  thing that you have to know when trailing on planes .

Number one is that if there is a fire you should always now were the fire exit is if you don't then there will be light that lead you there so you get out safe.

Number two is that when you need some more air the oxygen  air mask will fall down from the air  so you can get some more oxygen .

Number three if a emergence happens and you  have a set in front you have to put your head on the set and also your feet have to be flat on the ground but if you have no set in front of you will have to put your hands above you head and also your will have to put your forehead onto your neese then you also your feet have to be straght